Phase I - Unit

The ICCR phase I unit at Krankenhaus Nordwest offers up to 12 in- or day patient beds with full access to the intensive and emergency care unit.

Most patients treated in our phase I unit participate in a phase I trial but also patients enrolled in phase II trials will be treated here if thorough surveillance is needed.


Phase I facilities

  • Four treatment rooms with 3 beds each
  • A modern multi-purpose room
  • Own lab for clinical diagnostics and adequate processing of trial materials and specimen (centrifuges, refrigerators, freezers: -20°C/-86°C)
  • Mobile IT, ultrasound and ECG equipment
  • Modern standard emergency equipment
  • In-house emergency care and both medical and surgical intensive care units
  • In-house pharmacy, Institutes for  Radiology and Pathology, Departments for Oncology and Radiooncology, central lab,  endoscopy
  • Integral part of the UCT – University Cancer Center Frankurt
  • Close connections to biomarker research networks (TRON, Stratifyer, immunologic research labs, pathology departments etc.)
  • Member of Bio-Deutschland